Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities

About the Department

Science is the cornerstone of all branches of engineering discipline. The purpose of the department is to provide the high-quality competitive education to students in important to knock basic, masonry walls in all areas of Engineering.

The Department of Basic Science and Humanities is now in service Since the Enact inspection in 2018. The department is composed mainly of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Humanities. The department’s slogan students with the assistance of highly trained, loyal and highly motivated faculty members.

The academic experience of our faculty covers all boundary areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

We had the best teaching instructional strategies which often employs qualified professionals who seen to be willing to apply knowledge independently to become efficient and successful engineers.


The Basic Science Organization works as a team to make all students a smart worker rather than a hard worker according to their own.


Ensuring that students fit in among the current environment of the science atmosphere. Ensuring that students a better decision – maker. Encouraging students to find out the appropriate performance of the firm, quality of the project and justify it like an engineering point of view. Seeking to make engineering a person of moral and ethical values.

Mr. Nagndra Babu, M - Engineering Mathmetics Asst. Professor on Contract View
Dr. Aruna Kumari, N - Engineering Chemistry Asst. Professor on Contract View
Mr. Ganesh Babu, A - Engineering Physics Asst. Professor on Contract View
Mr. Ramarao , M - HSS Teaching Associate on Contract View
Dr. Venkata Ramana, G - HSS Teaching Associate on Contract View