About the Department

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Srikakulam Department of Telugu

Estd: 2011


  1. Providing future opportunities through mother tongue and understanding culture.
  2. Preservation of traditions and heritage


  1. Telugu Language skills training
  2. Literary study

Program Objectives:

  1. To develop proficiency in linguistic and literary grammar at the postgraduate level.
  2. As faculty, researchers, critics, translators, enhancing creativity in verse and prose writing, Becoming a journalist and a writer.
  3. Preparation of Curriculum according the job market.
  4. Budgeting the gap between current education and globalization needs.
  5. Fostering moral values in society through mother tongue teaching.

Program Outcomes(PO's):

  1. Enhancing proficiency in linguistic at the postgraduate level.
  2. To cultivate creativity in verse and prose, as educators, researchers, critics, Settle down as translators, journalists, writers.
  3. Planning pedagogy keeping in view the job requirements and plan the competitive exams accordingly Are formed.
  4. Bridging the gap between current learning and the needs of globalization Accustomed.
  5. To make the best citizens who have moral values in the society through mother tongue teaching.

Program Educational Objectives(PEO's):

  1. Providing education and training for sustainable development through verse, prose Develop creativity and become educators, researchers, critics, translators and journalists Shaping as writers.
  2. As citizens who are useful to the society by cultivating culture, civilization and sense of nationalism along with education Reversing.
  3. Making it possible to get good employment with education training.
  4. Course Coordinator

    Dr. U. Santhi
    Contact Number: +91 9849018512


    S.No Name of the Co-Ordinator Period
    1 Dr. M. Anuradha 2011 – 2013
    2 Dr. M. Balaram Naidu 2013 – 2014
    3 Dr. P. Lakshmana Rao 2014 – 2015
    4 Dr. U. Santhi 2015 – 2016
    5 Dr. K. Uday Kiran 2016 – 2017
    6 Dr. M. Balaram Naidu 2017 – 2018
    7 Dr. D.M. Prakasa Rao 2018 – 2019
    8 Dr. P. Lakshmana Rao 2019 – 2021
    9 Dr. U. Santhi 2021 – Till Date

    Dr. Shanthi, U Asst. Professor on Contract View
    Dr. Lakshmana Rao, P Asst. Professor on Contract View
    Dr.Balaram Naidu, M Asst. Professor on Contract View
    Dr. Uday Kiran, K Asst. Professor on Contract View
    Dr. Madhusudana Prakasa Rao, D Asst. Professor on Contract View