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Archived Updates University Holiday Update(11-11-2022) BRAU RV-NOV 2021 BED Results B Tech 3 rd 5 th 7 th Semester March-2022 Re-Valuation Results B P Ed D P Ed 2 nd Semester September-2021 Re-Valuation Results B Ed 2 nd SEMESTER NOV-2021 RV RESULTS BRAU-Press_Note-17-09-2022 PG & PROFESSIONAL DEGREE 2 nd SEMESTER SEPTEMBER - 2021 Re-Valuation Result Notification for Admissions into MHA (2years) & PGDMRHI (1year)-Date Extended B.Tech 6 th SEMESTER AUGUST-2021 RV RESULT UG 1 st & 4 th SEMESTERS RV_AUG_2021 ECCE_CC Rules, Regulations and Syllabus ECCE Admission Notification ECCE CC Rules Regulations and Syllabus PG Diploma Application BRAU Notification-04-07-2022 Sports Registration form SAAP Sports B.P.Ed, D.P.Ed First Semester Examination Time Table - June 2022 B.Ed. I Sem. Time table and Jumbled Centers Order B E D2 nd SEMESTER NOVEMBER-2020 RV Results B E D 1 st SEMESTER AUGUST-2021 RV RESULTS Marvelous performance by BRAU student:sireesha The University Fraternity Extends Hearty Congratulations! AUG-2021_BED_RV Results PG & PROFESSIONAL DEGREE 1 st & 4 th SEMESTER RV RESULTS PG 2 nd SEMESTER NOVEMBER- 2021 Re-Valuation Results UG I SEM MAY JUNE 2022 Admission notification for PG.Dip.Yoga(2 Semesters) and Diploma in YOGA(Six Months) PG I, IV, VI, VIII, & X Semesters' Examination Notification(LATEST) B.Ed. FIRST SEMESTER JUNE 2022 EXAM NOTIFICATION Rescheduled and Preponed the academic calender for 4th,6th,8th,10th and for 1st semister postponed academic calender for A.Y. 2021-22 Advancement of UG VI SEM Examinations PG & PROFESSIONAL DEGREE 1 st & 4 th SEMESTERS JULY - 2021 Re - Valuation Results UG 1 st Semester August-2021 Re-Valuation Results B.Ed III Semester Examinations May 2022(Time- Table) Jumbling Centre Allotment UG 4 th SEMESTER AUGUST-2021 Re-Valuation Results B.Tech 1st & 6th SEMESTERS AUGUST-2021 RV RESULTS B.Tech MARCH-2021 3 rd & 5 th SEMESTERS Re-Valuation Results B.Tech SEPTEMBER-2021 2 nd & 4 th SEMESTER Rew-Valuation Results UG 4 th SEMESTER NOVEMBER-2020 Re-Valuation Results Walk in Interviews on April 18th, 2022 Walk in Interview Tender for Exam Stationary Inter-Collegiate-Cum-University team selections 2021-22- Reg Circular to BOS members Miracle Drive - Principals - Request Letter Circular ENG, MCA, SPL B.Ed - 3,5,7 Semester Time Tables DrBRAU website invitation Website Information PG & PROFESSIONAL DEGREE III rd SEMESTER MARCH-2021 RE-VALUATION RESULTS Notification Prospectus 2020-2021 Yoga Application 2020-2021 Yoga Diploma course B.Ed 3 rd SEMESTER EXAMINATION REVALUATION RESULT 2 nd LIST MARCH - 2021 UG 5 th SEM MARCH-2021 RV RESULT LIST UG AUGUST - 2021 RV RESULT LIST UG AUGUST-2021 RV RESULT LIST UG - B.A. I SEMESTER RESULTS :: AUGUST-2021 Guidelines for on-going spot admissions(B.Tech(CSE,ECE and Mech)) Guidelines for on-going spot admissions(B.Tech(CSE,ECE and Mech)) and MCA B.ED. FIRST SEMESTER EXAMINATION RESULTS HELD IN AUGUST 2021 Engineering spot admissions B.Ed 3rd SEMESTER EXAMINATION REVALUATION RESULTMARCH-2021 PG and Professional First semester results, 2021 ACADEMIC CALENDER Pandemic Mandatory Precautions PG and professional IV semester results, AUG 2021 Circulars for Sports Selections Circulars for Sports Selections UG 1 st & 2 nd Year-End Examinations Nov/2020 Re-Valuation Results UG 3 rd & 5 th SEMESTERS Re-Valuation SECOND LIST ICET important dates Notifications of UG Examinations Aquatics (M) Inter-Collegiate cum University Selections Sports cirular-1 Sports cirular Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University Inter-Collegiate-Cum-University team selections-Hockey(M) Sports Eligibility Form 2021-22 Eligibility for students participation in sports and games Dept of physical education and sports Circular B.Tech II & IV SEMESTER EXAMINATION REVALUATION RESULT NOVEMBER 2020 circular-1 List of Sports & Games Eligibility Rules 2020-21 Nomination of Cheif Superintendents UG EXAM II SEM NOV 2021 Physical Education sports and games UG Regular II Semester Time table UG II Semester Supplementary Time table INSTANT ELIGIBLE CANDIDATES LIST DECEMBER 2021 UG IV SEMESTER RESULTS AUG 2021 Sports & Games Registrations MBA Brochure MBA brochure Cicular for Postponement of UG II Semester Examinations UG 3 rd & 5 th SEMESTER MARCH/2021 Re-Valuation Results BTech 3rd & 5th Semester Examination Results - March 2021 B.P.Ed & D.P.Ed 4th Semester Results - March 2021 B.Ed 4th Semester Results - Aug 2021 Admission Notification - Diploma in Yoga & PG Diploma in Yoga - 29/11/2021 Pending results of UG VI Semester - BCom & BSc - Aug 2021 U.G VI Semesters Examinations Results - Aug 2021 SECOND CONVOCATION NOTIFICATION - DR.B.R.A.U,SKLM CIRCULAR FOR CONDUCTING ONLINE & OFFLINE CLASSES OF DR.B.R.A.U CAMPUS STUDENTS PG & Professional Courses - II Sem & B.Tech - II Sem Examinations Schedule - Oct 2021 PG & Professional Courses - II Sem & B.Tech - II Sem Examinations are Rescheduled to 4th Oct 2021 UG Degree II & IV Semesters Revaluation Results - November 2020 PG & Professional, LLB Revaluation Results November 2020 (Final List) Circular for PG , Engg, Yoga Courses Examinations Notification for admission into MHA (2 Years) & PGDMRHI (1 Year) Notification for admission into P.G. Diploma in Yoga (One Year) & Dip. Yoga (Six Months). WALK IN INTERVIEW FOR SUBJECT CONTRACT(SEMESTER-WISE) UG Degree IV Semesters Examination Time Table - Sep 2021 UG Degree VI Semesters Examination Time Table - Sep 2021 UG Degree II & IV Semesters Revaluation Results - November 2020 LLB I & IV Semester Supplementary Results - July 2021 B.TECH IV & VI SEMESTERS EXAMINATIONS TIME TABLE - SEP 2021 PG & Professional, LLB Courses II, IV, VI & VIII Sems Examinations Revaluation Results - NOV 2020 UG VI Semester Examinations Revaluation Results UG III & V Sems Examinations Results PG IV, VI & X Sems Examinations Revaluation Results PG I Sem Examinations Revaluation Results REVISED TIME TABLES - B.TECH & M.C.A - I SEMESTERS Postponement of Examination Schedules -B.Ed, B.P.Ed, D.P.Ed, Yoga, B.Tech, M.C.A Revised Examination Schedules -B.Ed, B.P.Ed, D.P.Ed, Yoga REVISED TIME TABLES - M.J.M.C & M.C.A - IV SEM,B.Ed,B.P.Ed,D.P.Ed,Yoga - I SEM, L.L.B - IV,VI,XIII & X SEMS,P.G & PROFESSIONAL COURSES I & IV SEMESTERS EXAMINATIONS Examination Schedules -B.Tech, M.J.M.C & M.C.A - IV SEM,B.Ed,B.P.Ed,D.P.Ed,Yoga - I SEM, L.L.B - IV,VI,XIII & X SEMS,P.G & PROFESSIONAL COURSES I & IV SEMESTERS Examination Schedules -B.Ed, B.P.Ed, D.P.Ed, Yoga - I SEM & VI SEMS B.Tech - I & III Semesters Examinations Revaluation Results - JAN 2020 UG VI Sem Examinations Revaluation Results B.Tech & Yoga Examinations Revaluation Results REVISED TIME TABLES - B.TECH III & V SEMESTERS PG Examination Notification - I, IV, VI, VIII & X Semesters B.Tech - II & IV Semesters Examinations Results - Nov 2020 Inviting Tenders for Desktop Computers Conduct of Spot Valuation of Answer Scripts - UG Degree UG DEGREE I SEMESTER EXAMINATION NOTIFICATION - JULY 2021 DIPLOMA AND PG DIPLOMA YOGA PROGRAMME NOTIFICATION 2021-2022 LLB II SEM - Revaluation Results - July 2019 B.Ed I SEM - Revaluation Results - Feb 2020 B.P.Ed & D.P.Ed. I Sem Revaluation Results - Feb 2020 Spl. B.Ed MR II Sem Results - Nov 2020 NIRF by 8th March 2021 Diploma in Yoga Notification - 2020 21 Yoga II Sem Result - Nov-2020 UG DEGREE SIXTH SEMESTER EXAMINATION REVALUATION RESULT - MAR 2020 UG DEGRE THIRD YEAR END PATTERN EXAMINATIONS REVALUATION RESULT - MAR 2020 Tender document for Old Used Answer Booklets Revised Time Tables of III & V Semesters Examinations of B.TECH - March 2021 Online Submission of UG Practical Marks from the Academic Year 2020-21 Revised Time Tables of III Semesters Examinations of B.Ed, B.P.Ed & D.P.Ed - March 2021 BVOC Spot Admission Notification Revised Time Tables of III & V Semesters of UG Examinations - March 2021 Revised Time Tables of III & V Semesters of P.G & Professional Examinations - Feb-2021 Notification - P.G. Diploma in Yoga(1Y & 2Y) UG Instant Exam Results - January 2021 PG Exam Rescheduled on 16-03-2021 LIST OF ELIGIBLE CANDIDATES OF UG INSTANT EXAM - JANUARY 2021 Notification for Conduct Pre PhD Examination Notification for Permanent Affiliation - UG Notification for Permanent Affiliation - B.Ed Notification of Subject Contract Faculty THREE WEEKS FDP PROGRAM - REGISTRATION FORM THREE WEEKS FDP PROGRAM ORGANISED BY DR.BRAU UG DEGREE FIRST & THIRD SEMESTER EXAMINATION REVALUATION RESULT (LIST I) NOV-2019 B.Tech SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATION REVALUATION RESULT -APRIL 2019 Notification & Application for B.Voc Programme - 2020-21 Observers of UG Degree II & IV Semester and 1st & 2nd Year End Examinations from 19-10-2020 to 23-10-2020 & 26-10-2020 Scribes List for UG II & IV Sems and 1st & 2nd Year End Exams - Oct 2020 PG OD APPLICATION FORM PG Notification - MR & HI, MHA