Placement Cell

The Placement Cell at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Srikakulam, is a dedicated department focused on bridging the gap between academia and industry. It provides a platform for students to explore career opportunities and equips them with the necessary skills to succeed in the professional world. The Placement Cell organizes various activities such as career counseling sessions, resume writing workshops, mock interviews, and on-campus recruitment drives. By fostering relationships with a wide range of companies and organizations, the Placement Cell ensures that students have access to diverse job opportunities. Its ultimate goal is to enhance the employability of students and support them in securing positions that align with their career aspirations, thereby contributing to their overall professional development and success.

Goals of the Placement Cell:

  • Enhance Employability: Equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their professional careers.
  • Industry Collaboration: Foster strong relationships with a wide range of companies and organizations to ensure diverse job opportunities.
  • Career Guidance: Provide continuous career counseling and guidance to help students make informed career choices.
  • Skill Development: Conduct training programs to improve students' soft skills, technical skills, and overall personality development.
  • High Placement Rates: Strive to achieve high placement rates by preparing students thoroughly for recruitment processes.

Activities of the Placement Cell:

  • Career Counseling Sessions: Regular sessions to help students understand various career paths and industry expectations.
  • Resume Writing Workshops: Workshops aimed at crafting professional resumes that stand out to potential employers.
  • Mock Interviews: Conduct mock interviews to prepare students for real-life interview scenarios, boosting their confidence and performance.
  • On-Campus Recruitment Drives: Organize recruitment drives where companies visit the campus to interview and hire students.
  • Industry Interaction Sessions: Arrange guest lectures, seminars, and webinars by industry experts to provide insights into the latest industry trends and requirements.
  • Internship Programs: Facilitate internship opportunities to provide students with practical industry experience.
  • Soft Skills Training: Offer training sessions on communication, teamwork, leadership, and other essential soft skills.

The Placement Cell also maintains a comprehensive database of students, their skills, and placement records to track progress and make informed decisions. It regularly updates students with job openings, internship opportunities, and industry trends through various communication channels. Additionally, the Placement Cell collaborates with academic departments to align the curriculum with industry standards, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world.

By implementing these goals and activities, the Placement Cell at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Srikakulam, aims to create a robust support system that enhances students' career prospects and contributes to their long-term professional success.