Department of Physical Education & Sports

About Sports

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University was a study center of Andhra University which has evolved to be University in the year 2008. Since then Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University is growing enormously not only in academics but also in Sporting & cultural events.

Sporting Excellence at Dr.B.R.A.U...Srikakulam

At Dr.B.R.A.U -Srikakulam students are groomed to be complete personalities. In order to be mentally and physically fit, Dr. BRAU provides state of the art facilities with many play grounds, stadium, indoor courts as well as a number of centers for physical education & sporting activities that help students stay as fit as a fiddle and to develop a spirit of sportsmanship. In order to encourage the students in sports activities the Department of Physical Education conducts Intramural Tournament in various sports and games for Men and Women separately. The Department of Physical Education conducts selection trials to raise University teams in various disciplines for South Zone Inter University and All India Inter University other Tournaments.

The Department of Physical Education organizes various Inter-University, state level and national level tournaments every year. Department of Physical Education feels concerned about the health and fitness of Dr.BRAU employees also and organizes tournaments for them every year on Independence Day or Republic Day celebrations or on Teachers’ Day.

The main objective of Physical Education is to inculcate sports consciousness, encourage skill development, provide recreation and promote the values of integrity, among the Students. Dr.BRAU-Srikakulam has excellent sports and recreation facilities on campus, with dedicated facilities for Table-Tennis, Badminton, Volley ball, Yoga and various other sports.Students participate regularly in Inter Collegiate, Inter University and State Level Tournaments and have won laurels for its University.

Fitness Centre

Dr.B.R. AmbedkarUniversity,Srikakulam is equipped with Yoga hall, Indoor & Outdoor sports and Gym facilities. However, aerobics and few fitness equipment are available here. Carroms, Chess and Table Tennis are encouraged in our campus as a part of Indoor games. Indoor Gym for girls is established at “Nagavali Girls Hotel” and is equipped with manual and Electrical Gym items. Central Gym for Boys is established at the GYM Room. It is open for students and staff in morning and evening sessions. It is fully equipped with strength and cardio items. The outdoor gym is established at three different places in the campus i.e at Mahendratanayagirls hostel, Vamsadhra boys hostel and near Law college. Along with gym, we have multipurpose play fields like two Badmintion courts, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Cricket, Tennis, Ball badminton established at different places in the campus. A 400mts Running standard track is ready for its ‘approval for laying’.